Zoloft Lawsuit

It was brought to the attention of the FDA in February 2004 that a large handful of the antidepressants currently on the market were having opposite effects. The FDA strongly urged these companies, such as the manufacturer for Zoloft, Pfizer, to expand their warning signs to warrant observation for depression getting worse or the presence of suicidal actions.

Also, birth defects have been linked to the use of Zoloft and other SSRI drugs during pregnancy. The most common defects include:

  • Club Foot
  • Holes in heart
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Omphalocele
  • Spina bifida
  • Craniosynostosis (skull deformation)
  • Ventrical septal defects (VSD)
  • Atrial septal defects (ASD)
  • Transposition of the Great Arteries (TGA)

It is the belief of many that Pfizer’s lack of attention to the matter of many SSRI medications, including Zoloft, can in fact worsen depression and in many cases cause severe and life-threatening birth defects if taken during pregnancy. For these reasons many women filing a Zoloft lawsuit claim are eligible for compensation for not only pain and suffering, but for unnecessary medical bills associated with theses child birth defects.

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