Zimmer Knee

Though there has not yet been an official Zimmer knee implant recall, new research shows the model NexGen CR-Flex has had an alarming rate of failure. General information tells us that knee replacements generally last approximately 15 years, but some implants from this brand have begun to have serious complications within 3 years. Though the Zimmer has tried to place blame on the surgeons, research is bringing to light that the failure of the CR-Flex systems is associated with design problems

The Zimmer knee was supposed to be innovative because it attaches without the aid of cement, which is uncommon for most artificial knee implants. This is the main cause of the knee becoming loose or even fully detaching as time goes on, a regrettable result for the patient receiving the implant. Common symptoms of a loose knee implant can be pain, stiffness, erosion of surrounding bone, and severe restriction of the patient’s daily activities.

If someone close to you or you personally are experiencing unnecessary pain or other effects from this type of knee implant surgery, do not immediately get an x-ray as most lawyers are recommending a bone scan instead because it has been proven superior as a more specific way to effectively show damages caused by your knee implant.