Risperdal Lawsuit

Risperdal lawsuit claims have been filed after Allegations have been brought to the attention of the public that the anti-psychotic Risperdal increases levels of prolactin; the same hormone that controls breast development in women. Males who are exposed to high levels of prolactin over time may develop male breasts, scientifically named Gynecomastia. Common symptoms of Gynecomastia are for these boys to experience nipple discharge or pain in the breast area.

It is a common recommendation from a doctor to receive surgery for such symptoms. Though liposuction can resolve the more minor physical effects, a double mastectomy is needed for the more advanced and complicated cases. These effects combined with the surgeries are causing severe mental and emotional anguish to these boys and Johnson and Johnson is believed to be responsible due to improper marketing of Risperdal for uses unapproved by the FDA. Although doctors are legally able to prescribe different medications for uses that are unapproved, it is not legal for the manufacturer to market these drugs in such a way.

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