Lipitor Lawsuit

Currently, individual lipitor lawsuits are being filed, particularly by middle-aged and older women, after using Lipitor and contracting Type 2 diabetes. This drug has been linked by many different studies to adverse effects in these women’s blood sugar levels, most with no family history and healthy BMI levels. Pfizer, the manufacturer of Lipitor, has been accused of failing to adequately communicate these risks on the labels of Lipitor; therefore, this company should be held legally responsible for compensating these women that now must live the rest of their lives with Type 2 diabetes as a result of taking Lipitor.

Though much of the current litigation surrounds Pfizer’s lack of concern for displaying the heightened risk for diabetes, the FDA has also warned for the potential risk for memory loss and liver and muscle damage.

This is not a class action lawsuit. This is a litigation that will be seen by a judge at one time and these women that have used Lipitor and developed Type 2 diabetes will be able to file individual lipitor lawsuits and receive compensation in a case-by-case basis, which directly benefits the plaintiffs. This entitles each plaintiff to their own individual reward regarding only the details of their case. The Lipitor suit will be presented to the Federal District Court in South Carolina, trials scheduled to begin July 2015.

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