Benicar Lawsuit

Many people trusted their doctors when they were prescribed the drug Benicar to assist their bodies in controlling their blood pressure;however, none of them expected to experience the severe gastrointestinal (GI) side effects that came of it. These adverse effects include:

  • Chronic diarrea
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Sprue-like enteropathy (GI condition with symptoms similar to Celiac disease)

In a study performed over a three year period, 22 patients taking Benicar showed severe symptoms commonly characteristic of Celiac disease, but researchers from the Mayo Clinic were unable to show blood tests that support these findings. The patients were taken off of Benicar right away and their GI issues improved rapidly, according to the text from the study from 2012.

After many studies were conducted by the FDA and other sources, Benicar lawsuits began being filed not only against Daiichi Sankyo, the manufacturer of Benicar, but it’s U.S. counterparts as well claiming that proper warnings were not displayed on the product and also that this product was defectively designed and sold any way just to turn a profit. The FDA did announce in June 2013 that this drug would have to update their label to represent these GI side effects, regrettably a lot of the damage has already been done. Women who have suffered from these issues have began filing a class action Benicar lawsuit claim.