AndroGel Lawsuit

It is not an uncommon occurrence for a “low-T” treatment, such as Androgel, to be linked directly to an increased risk of cardiac problems, especially in older and middle-aged men with a history of heart issues. These treatments can also come in patches, pellets and injections as well as the gel and can cause symptoms ranging from heart attack to stroke and into even more severe medical symptoms.

In a study performed on men over the age of 65, also including men under 65 with previous heart issues, of the 56,000 patients tested, there was a trend of twice the rate of heart attacks. This trend was found by closely comparing the year prior to treatment with the three month window after treatment began.

AndroGel and other testosterone medication manufacturers are responsible for sharing the increased risk of heart attack and stroke with the doctors and patients, but they have failed to provide any indication of these potential side effects in their marketing efforts or on their products’ labeling. This is the reason why patients have began to file AndroGel lawsuit claims against AndroGel.

The FDA broadcasted the investigation of these prescription testosterone products and their potential health risks on January 31, 2014. Though the FDA did not openly recommend the patients stop the treatment without consulting a physician, the organization did strongly encourage patients to weigh out the benefits and risks for this type of treatment.