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Zofran Lawsuits and Risperdal Lawsuits are the hottest mass tort claims at this time. The reasons are very easy to understand as the side effects that are being compensated are exceptionally heinous.

This site is for all of the people out there that have been victimized by large drug manufacturers. You have all been lied to, your concerns have been pushed aside and many of you have had adverse effects to these prescriptions that have vague health warnings at best on the labels. These pharmaceutical companies proceeded around the laws of the FDA and were able to hurt people where most could not afford to take the hit, their family and their health.

We have set up an entire database of “bad drugs” to be referenced in you or your family’s time of need. This database includes any side effects these medicines are having and also information on receiving compensation if you are included in the millions of people affected by these “bad drugs” everyday.

We for one are not willing to see how far these pharmaceutical companies are willing to go before they see any resistance. This site is to allow the victims of these heinous crimes to educate themselves on the most current bad drug claims and be able to easily follow these drugs as we begin to take them down one drug at a time.

We are an advocacy group that will make sure your voice is heard by these conglomerate bullies. We have spent years building relationships with many large attorney groups across the country to ensure that the people that reach out to us receive the help they truly deserve because we recognize that many of them have suffered enough already.

We have built this site because after all it is not The Consumer Claims Center that has been affected by the negligence of these companies, but it is you that have been lied to, had babies with birth defects, contracted life-altering diseases, suffered the loss of people close to you and many other severe outcomes that frankly, could have in most cases been avoided.

These drug manufacturers have made millions, who are we kidding, billions of dollars on selling pills to the people that either were not effective or worst case scenario caused problems so big, these people could have never seen them coming. The worst part of it all is that the public sits in ignorance while these “bad drugs” are killing people every day.

Regrettably, in many of these cases the risks far out weigh the benefits for a lot of these drugs that are made to “help” people. The really disgusting part is that these people reach out to trusted resources like their primary care doctors for help, but sadly, often times the doctor has the wool pulled over their eyes by the pharmaceutical companies as well and before they can do anything to rectify the situation, it is too late.

Good thing for you it is not too late. We have not only provided you with a valuable resource to stay informed about the current parade of “bad drugs” out there, so you are not repeatedly being sucked into this horrible cycle of pain and suffering, but we have extended a hand to begin an invaluable alliance with people who understand your struggle and truly want to see you receive the restitution you and your families deserve.


We are reaching out to you, don’t let this opportunity slip away, fill out the form on the right and share your story with us today. The more voices we have, the louder we become.

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